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United States: Anovia Launches New Se...

United States: Anovia Launches New Service Offering for U.S. Merchants
Anovia Introduces New Service Offering for U.S. Merchants. For the United States Anovia launches new payments service for U.S merchants only. Now there are 2 options for merchants to choose from, make processing payments easier and more convenient for clients. Two product offerings available: RoamPay Solution For new merchants or merchants u [...]

Skrill prepaid mastercards available

Skrill prepaid card
Skrill prepaid mastercards available to make an investment into any of the plans we offer skrill prepaid mastercard make secure online payments Hello dear investors, We are happy to announce that we now also accept Skrill (Moneybookers) as a payment method on our website. Soon investors can use the safe and secure online payment tool of Skri [...]

Investment management

investment plan
Investment Management We here at d-i-jonline see our company more as an investment management company that professionally protects the assets of our investors. In order to meet the specified investment goals and to benefit our investors we work hard to find the best investments. We do not consider ourselves to be an investment bank but rather [...]

High Yield Investment program

high yield program
High Yield investment program now started for the online investor. High Yield returns from the expanding telecom market that is what we offer our investors. Our website is now open for investment. You can now register an account and become a free member and take part in our online program. If you have any questions you can contact us and w [...]

Website Launch coming soon…

d-i-jonline website soon to open for everyone who wants to invest with us
Website will soon be launched for anyone who wants to invest with us. We plan to launch the website in the coming week, intended day for the website to go public will be 7-10-2013. We are still working hard on the back end to get things ready for all the new investors who wants to make an investment with us. Lots of testing and cross checking [...]